Not all gutters and gutter protection are the same. Your gutter system is simply a water diversion system designed to keep water away from the foundation of your home and also your walls and windows. Each part of your gutter system plays an important roll in helping the rest of your gutter system work. AES Builder & Home Improvements takes the time and educates you on how your system works and gives you the best possible options for water diversion and gutter protection.

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Better Fit

The RainPro Design Series gutter system is the only gutter on the market today, with the capacity of a 6” gutter, and a unique design that makes it look no bigger than a 5” gutter. Only RainPro gutter systems allow for maximum water flow for ultimate protection, without looking large and spoiling the beauty of your home. RainPro’s unique architectural styling adds to its beauty, and gives your home real curb appeal.

Better Design

Each component of the RainPro gutter system, from the miters and end caps to the hidden hangers, was designed to achieve a totally refined architectural profile that looks like part of your house, not something added on.

Maximum Flow

Compared to standard gutters, RainPro has a larger bottom and downspout, which helps remove rainwater from your roof faster, to better protect your home during heavy rainfall. RainPro’s wider gutter bottom and larger 3 3/8” outlet give you a dramatic increase in water flow capacity compared to a 5” gutter system which only has a 2 3/8” outlet